Tweaking Umineko Wiki

The UmiTweak Project spawned two other projects that deal with better versions with better coders.

However Saq, Hanyuu, Eve, Lib, LEVANI (the hardest worker by far), Knox, Zetsu and many others along the way.

Knox is now part of the "RUSification" Umineko Project with Vit and Giza.

Levani has tested the Umineko Project in the past and is a very strong community member.

The rest of us? We watch as the Umineko Project and 07th Mod unfold. Perhaps we will beta test, perhaps we will try our hardest to suggest what we can.

UmiTweak will continue until both projects operate on Chiru. Currently, UmiTweak is the only complete Chiru patch as buggy as it is. Then, we will rest.