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  • I live in United States, Kentucky
  • I was born on November 11
  • My occupation is Self Employed
  • I am Male
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  • Everyone Here I hope that you are having a wonderful summer vaction and enjoy the time you do have with your family/freinds. I don't think none of you here no longer need me for anything and it was blast chatting with you all, so bascially this is just my farewell message, I'll miss ya all so take care.

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    • Nah. Thats not even close. Actually we need to revive the members again. If you decide to pop in once in a while, thats all we can ask. Also once our stabilized patches come out in a month or two we'll need tons of exposition.

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    • well what do you need to me do then?? I was unable to find work but hell i can help out any other way I can, I gave guru man my personal higurashi rei ISO so he can tweek that but eh, saq if you need to get hold of me contact me on my twitter account.

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    • No prob bro, I'll hit you up once it comes around release time :D

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  • the screenshot you took with the text box is from PS3fication ?

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